Livestock show is a popular thing. As a matter of fact, many people want to be part of the team for livestock judging. Being part of this team is very helpful with many people who are about to critic livestock.

  • Field days

Field day do not involve sideshows, showbags or livestock but include the events like ploughing competitions which are not accompanied with shows because it require a larger space. In northern England, a field day is a community celebration. This event are a perfect source of information in agriculture because they provide a guest speaker which can talk different topic about agriculture like yellow-flowering at South Dakota. Pecan growers tackle about insect control through entomologist in the recent field day.

  • Lakeland Shows

Lakeland shows are sporting and agricultural show held in District of English Lake. Their show provides a highlight on showing cattle, poultry and sheep. Their sports events include Westmorland and Cumberland wrestling as well as fell running. The show of Westmorland County declared that they are “one of the largest one day Shows in the Country”. Lakeland shows are held in early autumn or summer.
Shows include the following:
- Grasmere show in late month of August
- Cumberland show in month of July
- Show in Westmorland County in mid-September
- Cockermouth show in early month of August
- Wasdale Show
- Loweswater Show in early month of September
- Meeting of Borrowdale Shepherds and Show in mid-September
- Crab Fair in month of September
- Eskdale Show in the last week of September

  • Westmorland County Show

This show is considered as the largest and oldest show held in just one day. People continuously strengthen the show from 1799 up to now. Farmers voted this shoe as the fifth top show in top twelve. This show is held every second Thursday in month of September every year: it attracts thousands of people. Sections include sheep, cattle, horses, goats, pigs, alpacas, dogs, heavy horses and poultry. This is a very colorful event wherein competitors competes using traditional costumes.
Westmorland boost the local products of their country. The people are committed in promoting and supporting their wonderful craft business. 

  • United Kingdom County Shows

This county shows are held during summer in the whole country of United Kingdom. Winning competitors are awarded with prizes by judges. Many trade stands for their latest and newest farming machinery, farming products, feeds and fertilizers. Some trades offer activities that will surely attract visitors. There are features like funfairs, showjumping, falconry, food exhibitions and military displays. Before these shows held in different country but in year 1960 people buy land to have a permanent showground.

Shows for agriculture are very vital part in the cultural life in country towns. Small show lasts usually for two days, medium-sized event for three days, large show run for almost two weeks or longer. In other country they consider agricultural shows as a financial pressure but, many towns have a show society. Larger show includes live fireworks and entertainment in the arena. However, you should always consider your safety behind this lively show and enjoyment.