The phenotypical traits which are evaluated with all the livestock species are structural correctness, muscle, frame style, size and balance. This particular traits will differ with particular species and animals shown in the breeding stock or for market. Muscling is very important trait for those meat animals. Animals for dairy, the qualities for milk production is the most vital thing. For poultry, the most important trait is the feathers. If this traits are cut or broken, this may result to disqualification. Another important trait is the structural correctness. This trait refers to how good the skeleton of the animals put together to be specific the structure of their.

The animals requires to move with smoothness and ease. They also need right angles for joints. Frame is also an important trait in judging livestock. This trait should be decided whether the animal is tall fronted, long-bodied and possess internal capacity. It is important to remember that an animal which has a style as well as balance is the one who holds their head up high when walking and also has an overall smooth appearance. The animals should be free from excess fat and must stand with wide base.

Horses show in its unique case, includes not just the conformation judging but also increase performance classes wherein the animals are ridden or even shown in bind to exhibit their endless athletic ability, temperament and manners.