What is Agricultural Show anyway?

Agricultural show refers to the event wherein animals, equipment, sports and reformation related with animal husbandry and agriculture are being exhibit. The largest include a livestock show, competitions, entertainment and trade fair. The practices and work of farmers, cowboys, zoologist and animal fanciers may be exhibited. The terms livestock show and agricultural show are identical with the terms state fair and country fair in North America.

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In the 19th century, shows for agriculture provided local people the opportunity to celebrate their achievements and also to enjoy the moment of being free from daily routine. The combination of light entertainment and serious competition, the show rewarded and acknowledge the farmers for the skill and hard work and also provide a place for the people in rural areas to socialize. The shows also provide the people the opportunity to directly engage food production and rural life.
Agriculture shows are liven up with events that are competitive such as sheaf tossing and tent pegging. Rodeos and demolition derby are very famous in US and wood chopping and camp drafting are usually held in Australia.

  • Livestock Shows

In a livestock show, livestock are being exhibited as well as judged on positive traits of phenotypical breed as stated by their respective standard in breed. Species in livestock includes cattle, pig, sheep, alpacas, llamas, horses and goats. Poultries like geese, ducks, turkey, chickens, and pigeons are shown competitively. Sheepdogs, dogs and cats also has competitive shows.
The winners for agricultural shows are awarded engraved medals, rosettes, cups or ribbons. The Australia’s National Museum has the rare medal collections detailing the agricultural show history and industries in rural across Australia.